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When asked what makes the spaces I design special, I always refer back to my love for vintage. There is nothing better than incorporating a piece in your space that is completely unique to you and your home. Cuddled up with your first love on a sofa, rocking your child to sleep in a chair, a chest filled with secrets, a dining table that has experienced hours of conversation, each piece has absorbed memories of those now and then, here and gone. Most of the time you never know what type of history a piece holds, but I think it’s just as fun to use my imagination.

I have a pair of lucite and sheepskin dining chairs from the 1970’s. Every time I sit in them I think about what fabulous person once had them in their home. For a person to own a set of 4 fur dining chairs, they had to have been slightly eccentric and a bit nuts (kind of like myself.) I love that they now belong to me and I get to create my own memories in them and hopefully pass them down to my children someday.

I have an insane vintage squash blossom necklace from my Grandma. I wear it whenever I want to feel powerful. It’s proof that everything you once owned holds your energy and power. So create a home filled with energy, history and character. A space that mixes old a new. A space that truly represents yourself, your spirit and your style.

Now let us have a vintage party! Below is my curation of old and new pieces from my favorite vintage sites 1st dibs and Chairish.

  1. Orion Sofa by Nika Zupanc - The 88 constellations of the universe mysterious and magical, holding a promise to guide our destinies. Little wonder that they are the muse for the 88 Secrets, Nika Zupanc’s debut collection of furniture and rugs for Scarlet Splendour. It’s a relationship written in the stars

  2. Modern Abstract Painting on canvas - Vintage 1980s geometric painting on canvas. Pastel colors of pink, purple, seafood green and marbled grey. 

  3. 22” Tall Vintage Leather Cheetah - A Hollywood Regency style handmade leather cheetah with glass eyes. Perfect as a sculptural detail and conversation starter!

  4. Vintage Tusk Coffee Table - Beautiful and large console table with thick lucite top, large brass holders and cast resin tusks.

  5. Fiber Glass Lounge Chair in Powder Pink - The Knockabout lounge is a piece that drapes radiuses over a sling chair form that feels relaxing just to look at. The experience physically is similar; sinking into a deep repose is immediate and unavoidable. The chair can even accommodate two if you are willing to share. Comfortable with or without a cushion or with a small pillow and a throw, this piece has versatility that includes indoor or outdoor use.

  6. Milo Baughman Style Lounge Chairs - Pair of Cy Mann lounge chairs in the style of Milo Baughman. Featuring wide, flat chromed steel frame. and plush animal print fabric

  7. Jade Lacquered Dresser - A gorgeous 7-drawer dresser from the "Shangri-La" collection by Dixie. Newly lacquered in a high-gloss jade color with original brass hardware polished to a bright shine. All drawers glide beautifully, and the height on this one makes it a great option for a changing table in a nursery if you are so inclined! 

How do you feel about vintage pieces? Are you a fan?! Comment below.